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ISO 9001:2015

Aimtec is continuously striving to raise the standard for quality and service.

The company firmly believes in its responsibility to continuously improve its processes and to the professional development of its personnel.  The company is committed to meeting or exceeding their clients’ expectations.

The company recognizes that ISO accreditation could only be achieved and maintained through the dedication, commitment and support of each Aimtec employeeVladimir Serafimov, President

This dedication to the cause was recognized in registrator's assessment report, which stated:

The management is very committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the system and communication between employees is excellent.”

Aimtec’s Quality Policy
Aimtec is focused on providing products and services that exceed customer expectations. 

Our corporate commitment is to operational excellence.  We are dedicated to continuous process and people improvement.  Each and every employee monitors the flow of value to the customer and fixes that flow if/when it breaks down, thus minimizing risks during the entire process.

This is indicative of our dedication to provide our global customer base with a market advantage through the use of Aimtec components.


CB Scheme
ISO 9001:2015
ISO Certificate