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NEW AM8TW-Z: Cost effective, ultra wide input 8 watt DC/DC converter

NEW AM8TW-Z: Cost effective, ultra wide input 8 watt DC/DC converter
Cost effective ultra wide (4:1) input  8 watt DC/DC converter in a scalable DIP24 package  
am8tw-zAimtec launches the AM8TW-Z series of 8 watt DC/DC power converters at a significant cost savings in comparison to comparable products in the market, while providing measurable performance advantages.
With ultra wide (4:1) input ranges of 9~36 and 18~75VDC, the
AM8TW-Z series includes remote ON/OFF control, an important power conservation feature for the high growth market of portable, battery powered applications.
Accurate (±1%) single and dual output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, and 15VDC require no minimum load and features over voltage, over circuit projection and a tight line/load regulation (±0.2%/±0.5%) to ensure that the output voltage for each of the 14 models in the
AM8TW-Z series remains constant, despite changes in the input voltage or load current.
Input/output isolation of 1600VDC protects the load circuit from any transient voltage surges presented at the input of the converter and these modular power converters are further certified for the EMC standard EN55022, as well as IEC 61000-4, to support the AM8TW-Z's use in a wide range of industrial, IT, consumer electronics applications.
Designed in the popular DIP24 package with industrial standard pinout, Aimtec's
AM8TW-Z series strengthens the company's unmatched scalability of DIP24 DC/DC converters, ranging from 3 watt
to 12 watt, for simple pin-to-pin drop in replacement. 
RoHS compliant, all models undergo full production testing of their parameters to ensure high reliability, while remaining competitively priced.  Samples are available from stock for immediately delivery from Aimtec's global network of
Franchised Distributors.