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AMSRL-78-NZ: NEW Surface Mount DC- DC switching regulators

AMSRL-78-NZ: NEW SurfaceMount DC- DC switching regulators

AMSRL-78-NZAimtec expands its family of non-isolated, DC-DC switching regulator series with a surface mount (SMD) version of these feature rich, cost-effective, step-down switching regulators.
Designed in a compact, SMD package (15.24x11.82x7.25mm) to support automated assembly, the
AMSRL-78-NZ series is ideal for low profile circuit implementations such as portable power and standby-power applications.  

Versatile for a multitude of industrial applications, the AMSRL-78-NZ series is designed to operate at full output power without heatsinking or forced-air cooling below +71°C, and with output power derating up to +85°C.


With four models featuring adjustable output voltages, ranging from 1.8VDC to 15.5VDC, the AMSRL-78-NZ series produces maximum output currents of 500mA at efficiency rates of up to 96%, with low output ripple and noise (25mV p-p), for noise sensitive applications.
Ultra wide input ranges (up to 6:1) extend from 4.75 to 28VDC and allow these highly reliable products to be powered from unregulated sources.  Other features include continuous short circuit protection on the output and thermal shutdown for added protection in overheating conditions.

AMSRL-78-NZ input specifications also feature remote ON/OFF function, which conforms to TTL logic levels. 

AMSRL-78-NZ series is made with high quality, RoHS compliant materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure reliability and performance.
Samples available from stock and can be ordered immediately.