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AMLB-Z: New Step Up LED Driver

AMLB-Z: New Step Up LED Driver

The proliferation of LED applications continues to generate new specifications for the corresponding LED drivers.  

Aimtec’s AMLB-Z is its new line of step up DC/DC LED drivers in a 2x1 package that incorporate all the functionality and specifications required by the most demanding luminary applications. 

With a wide (4:1) input range of 9~36VDC that steps up to an output voltage range of 14~48VDC, produce constant output currents range from 150mA to 700mA.  Ripple and noise as low 350mV p-p eliminates the need for additional components which in turns supports product minimization of the end application.

These modular solutions feature remote ON/OFF function,  continuous short circuit protection, and adjustable PWM and analogue dimming functions to ensure the consistent and constant brightness of the LEDs they drive. 

RoHS compliant, the AMLB-Z series of DC/DC LED drivers is competitively priced with samples available from stock and can be ordered through any of Aimtec’s franchised distributors.