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NEW 30 and 40 watt AC/DC converters feature I/O isolation of 4000VAC

NEW 30 and 40 watt AC/DC converters feature I/O isolation of 4000VAC

New AC/DC converters with high I/O isolation of 4000VAC 

within a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

AC/DC groupAimtec expands its AC/DC product line from 5W and 15W, to include 30W and 40W converters that offer the same unique combination of EN60601-1-2 safety certification priced at industrial product rates. 
The newest AMExx30-MAZ(30W) and AMExx40-MAZ(40W) series are available in 5 package types (encapsulated, open frame-screw terminal, enclosed-screw terminal, open frame-connector package, enclosed-connector package), and are designed with universal inputs of 90~260VAC, 47~440Hz or 120~370VDC for easy integration into a multitude of applications.   
Both the AMExx30-MAZ and AMExx40-MAZ series provide the unique combination of high I/O isolation of 4000VAC  (leakage current 150uA) within a ultra wide industrial operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.  Operating within specifications at temperatures as low as -40°C is essential for ensuring reliable product performance in the extreme weather conditions associated with outdoor applications.
Highly regulated, protected, isolated single and dual output ranges of 3.3 - 24 VDC with ripple and noise as low as 50 mV p-p make, tight line and load regulation of ±0.5% (no minimum load required), make the AMExx30-MAZ and AMExx40-MAZ series ideal for a multitude of applications, including industrial control devices, test and measurement equipment, telecommunications applications and consumer electronics products.  These versatile power supplies have also successfully undergone the environmental shock and vibration tests in accordance to the parameters for passenger, commercial and industrial transportation applications.
The high-grade galvanic isolation between input and output, in conjunction with internal circuit protections allow these power supplies to be configured for reverse polarity on the output; can be wired in series to create higher output voltages.  The 4000VAC isolation protects the application from higher surges on the AC line voltage than standard power supply with just 3000VAC
With safety approvals cULus and CB and CE marks, all Aimtec AC/DC converters meet the exacting safety standards of EN60601-1-2, EN55011 class B, IEC/EN 61000-3-2, -3-2, and IEC 61000-4-2, -4-1, -4-5, -4-6, -4-8, -4-11, for easy integration in a wide range of controlled, non-life support medical and dental devices, instruments, and equipment applications. 
Samples are available from stock for immediately delivery from Aimtec's global network of Franchised Distributors