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AM3GH-Z: New 3 watt

AM3GH-Z: New 3 watt


Small Footprint, Big Features

SIP8 with ultra wide (4:1) input


    Aimtec expands its SIP8 product line with the addition AM3GH-Z series of single and dual output buck DC-DC converters.  Housed in a compact SIP8 (21.85 x 9.2 x 11.1mm) package, AM3GH-Z accepts 4:1 input ranges of 4.5-18VDC, 9-36VDC and 18-75VDC with an input/output isolation of 1600VDC.

High output currents of up to 700mA are delivered to regulated single and dual output voltage ranges of 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 15V, at high efficiency rates of up to 82% for easy integration into a wide variety of industrial and portable power applications. 

Design features of the AM3GH-Z series includes continuous short circuit protection, low ripple & noise of 30mV p-p, cold start up at -40°C with an operating temperature range of  -40ºC + 85ºC. 

Aimtec’s entire SIP8 product line provides a space efficient alternative to larger DIP24 (32 x 20 x 10.2mm) packages, without compromise to power, efficiency or features.  With over 350 models to choose from 1watt to 3watts, Aimtec’s SIP8 product line can meet virtually any input/output configuration requirement.

The M3GH-Z series is RoHS compliant with CE marking for EN55022 and EN55024 computer standards and remains very competitively priced with samples available from stock and can be ordered through one of Aimtec’s franchised distributors.