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AM2L-NZ & AM2B-NZ: NEW High I/O Isolation (6000VDC) Surface Mount and DIP16

AM2L-NZ & AM2B-NZ: NEW High I/O Isolation (6000VDC) Surface Mount and DIP16




AM2B-NZ(DIP16) and the new models to the existing series AM2L-NZ(SMD) feature I/O isolation of 6000VDC or the equivalent of 3000VAC isolation for AC applications.
The enhanced safety factor associated with 6000V isolation provides protection against channel-to-channel or cross channel interference, for which wireless applications are particularly susceptible. Transportation systems, industrial controls, medical equipment and instrumentation are among the other systems where high I/O isolation is in important benefit.
Designed for easy integration into a wide selection of applications, the
AM2B-NZ and AM2L-NZ series feature nominal input voltages of 5V, 12V and 24VDC, stepping up or down to output voltages of 5V, 12V, and 15VDC.  These versatile converters also feature continues short circuit protection on the outputs.  
Offered in a surface mount package, the
AM2L-NZ meets the needs of automated assembly processes, while the DIP16, through-hole package of the AM2B-NZ provides the mechanical support required for higher vibration tolerances.
Both series are designed with high quality,
RoHS compliant materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure reliability and performance.  Offering excellent quality/cost value, these 6000V I/O isolation models are competitively priced, with samples available for immediate delivery.