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AM12Tx-Z High power density DC-DC converters produce up to 12 watts / in2 in a compact DIP24 package.

AM12Tx-Z High power density DC-DC converters produce up to 12 watts / in2 in a compact DIP24 package.

Aimtec expands its DIP 24 product line with the launch of AM12T-Z and AM12TW-Z series of high power density DC-DC power supplies

Offered in wide 2:1 voltage ranges of 9-18 VDC, 18-36 VDC and 36-75 VDC or in ultra wide, 4:1 input ranges of 9~36 VDC and 18~75 VDC, the AM12T-Z and AM12TW-Z series provide high performance with distinctive and measurable advantages, such as:

• High power density that produces up to 12 watts / in2   within a small footprint (31.75 x 20.32 x 10.16mm) which is half the size of alternative products with similar output power, making the AM12T-Z or AM12TW-Z ideal for critical size applications where PCB real-estate is at a premium.

• Exceptional thermal performance that eliminates the need for external thermal management solutions (Maximum case temperature is +57°C in stand alone test at room temperature).

• Self protected outputs: Highly regulated and isolated (1600VDC) single and dual output of 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±5V, ±12V and ±15VDC are fully protected against short circuit, over voltage and over current, with no minimum load required. 

• High efficiency rates of up to 91%, soft start circuit and remote ON/OFF function make these power supplies an easy choice for portable power applications, where the combination of size, power density and efficient are critical. 

• CE approved for EMI standards EN55022 Class A, EN55024, IEC61000-4-2, -4-3, -4-4, -4-5, -4-6 and -4-8 for use in a wide selection of IT, industrial and telecom applications.

With a total of 35 models, the AM12T-Z and AM12TW-Z DC-DC converters extend Aimtec’s DIP 24 product line from 3 to 12 watt, for easy stability within an existing PCB design.

As with all Aimtec products, the AM12T-Z and AM12TW-Z series of power supplies are made with 100% RoHS compliant SMD technology materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the reliability and performance of each model.