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Aimtec Product News - October 7 2013

Aimtec Product News - October 7 2013

Aimtec Product News - October 7 2013

In an effort to broaden and make product selection easier for customers, Aimtec is announcing the following product additions and enhancements. 

Across 1/4Watt to 2Watt ranges of DC to DC converters Aimtec is adding 256 new orderable part numbers which will provide 48Vdc input ranges to existing 5Vdc, 12Vdc, 15Vdc input range models. This means that customers requiring SIP4, SIP7, or DIP8, product packaging in a DC to DC converter now have more product offerings from the Aimtec line. Specific product series associated are AM1/4S-Z, AM1D-Z, AM1P-Z, AM1S-Z, AM2D-Z, AM2D-RZ, AM2S-Z , for further details please see product documentation at .

Next, on the AM2D-Z series of 2 Watt DC to DC converters Aimtec has added 6000Vdc isolation models. Already supporting 1000 to 5200 VDC isolation models, 48 new orderable product codes have been added in both single and dual outputs of 3.3, 5, 7.2, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24VDC.

Also on LED drivers Aimtec has introduced fully integrated 0-10V analog, resistive, and PWM dimming on the following series AMEOR30C-AZ, AMEOR60C-AZ, AMEPR30C-AZ, AMEPR60C-AZ, AMER90C-AZ, AMER90C-CAZ, AMER120C-AZ, AMER120C-CAZ, AMER150C-AZ, AMER150C-CAZ . This makes integration of Aimtec LED drivers easier for customers, by not requiring electrical isolation on the dimming input lines.

Lastly, and for the same LED drivers noted above, Aimtec now has added the ordering option suffix “-NA”, which allows customers to order traditional North American colour input wires of Black (L), White (N) and Green (GND), rather than standard internationally accepted colour wiring.

Together these new features mean 126 additional orderable product codes on Aimtec’s LED Driver line.

Samples are available from stock and can be ordered immediately from any of Aimtec’s global network of Franchised Distributors. Visit for more product information or to locate your nearest Distributor.