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Aimtec Launches its New Low Power Win Models

Aimtec Launches its New Low Power Win Models

Montreal, Canada: Aimtec Launches its New Low Power Win Models 

Aimtec has just released the new Low Power Win product line consisting of 4 new models of low power DC-DC Converters that will change perception of modular solutions. Thanks to efficiency gains on the production line and many years of R&D, these models are aggressively priced for cost sensitive applications. The new Aimtec Low Power Win product line will help customers incur substantial cost savings!

The new models represent a valuable tool not only for meeting cost targets, but also offering a modular option when initially designing your product. Here are the 4 new nodels:

With 5VDC input and output and a max capacitive load of 2400µF, Aimtec’s new line also come standard with continuous short circuit protection, high efficiency, derating and MTBF as well as low ripple and noise. Other excellent features include low no load current consumption, EMC compliance and isolation up to 1500VDC!

Choosing a modular design over a discrete solution has numerous advantages: incremental cost savings by reducing purchasing costs, R&D expense as well as inventory costs.

Aimtec offers many proven and tested designs that help decrease time to market, payback period and this new product line is a notable example!

Whether to meet cost saving targets, to benefit from Aimtec’s proven modular designs or to entertain alternatives to discrete solutions, the Low Power Win lineup offered by Aimtec will surely aid customers in designing their next products!

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