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Aimtec Expands its Switching Regulator Offering by Introducing Three New Series

Aimtec Expands its Switching Regulator Offering by Introducing Three New Series

Montreal, Canada: Aimtec Launches the First Ever 3-Watt SIP6 DC/DC Converter!


Aimtec switching regulators have always appealed to customers thanks to their compact size, high efficiency and cost effectiveness. Today, Aimtec is proud to introduce three new series of switching regulators, the AMSRB1-78JZ, the AMSRL1-78JZ and the AMSRL-78JZ all meeting EN62368, perfect for IoT applications. 

The AMSRB1-78JZ has an ultra-wide input voltage range of 6 to 36V and output voltages from -15 to 15V. This series also has a very high efficiency of up to 96% for minimal heat creation. In a fully encapsulated compact 11.6x8x10.4 mm plastic case, this series offers features such as continuous short circuit protection and low ripple and noise, making it ideal for applications relating to industrial controls, grid power, instrumentation and mining. 

The AMSRL-78JZ and AMSRL1-78JZ series are great additions to Aimtec's cost effective, highly efficient switching regulator lineup. With a wide 1.5 to 15V regulated output voltage range and a compact SMD package, you will be guaranteed to save valuable board space and reduce overall cost without compromising on specifications. Featuring short circuit protection, efficiency up to 95% and a very low no load input current (0.2mA typ.), these series can be used in various applications such as battery-operated systems, controls and sensors, medical-grade applications, HVAC systems, telecommunications, and highly precise measurement equipment.

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