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AC/DC LED Drivers Now Feature cULus and IP68 cases

AC/DC LED Drivers Now Feature cULus and IP68 cases

Aimtec's second generation of AC/DC constant current LED drivers  now includes cULus certification for the LED standard UL8750, as well as the UL60950-1 standard for telecommunication equipment and the European standard EN55022,class B.

The cases for these rugged LED drivers have also been upgraded from water-resistant IP67 to waterproof IP68 rated enclosures that protect against all dust infiltration and continuous submersion in water.

Key features of the AMExRx-AZ product line:

1. Active Power Factor Correction that reduces the cost of powering the drivers (PF > 0.9)

2. High MTBF to match the expected lifetime of LEDs (>50,000 hrs)

3. Output current control (dimming) for use in adaptive lighting control systems (Triac, Analogue, PWM, Resistive)

4.  Free air convection cooling

5. Compliance to international LED safety standards (EN55022 class B, UL8750, UL60950-1)

6. Weather-proof IP68 rated cases

Key parameters for the entire AMExRx-AZ line include:

1. Universal AC input voltage range of 90-277VAC at 47-440Hz,

2. Accept DC input voltage range of 120~390VDC

3. Maximum output power range from 30 to 151 watts.

4. Wide output voltages range from 5VDC to 50VDC

5. Constant output currents range from 0.7A to 6.3A

6. Functional at an operating temperature range of -40°to 80°C with derating (55°C at full load)

7. Input to output isolation up to 3000VAC

Turnkey solutions that provide:

1. Continuous short circuit, over current and over voltage protection to preserve the longevity and performance under fault conditions, even when operated at or near full load. 

2. Efficient rates as high as 91% that minimize the LED applications’ energy costs and carbon footprint.

3. Ease-of-use for street signs, traffic lights, architectural and industrial lighting applications, as well as major house hold appliances.

                                                    Aimtec Second Generation AC/DC LED Drivers


Max Output Power (W)

Output Voltage (VDC)

Output Current (A)


30 ~ 36

5 ~ 50

0.7 ~ 2.5


60 ~ 61

5 ~ 50

1.2 ~ 5



12 ~ 50

1.8 ~ 3.75


120 ~ 125

12 ~ 50

2.5 ~ 5


150 ~ 151

12 ~ 50

3 ~ 6.3