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1Watt DC/DC Converter Features Continuous Short Circuit Protection

1Watt DC/DC Converter Features Continuous Short Circuit Protection

Rarely seen in such cost effective, unregulated device, Aimtec’s AM1DS-NZ series of 1 watt power supplies features continuous short circuit protection with auto recovery restart.  The restart feature will work continuously until the short circuit condition is resolved, protecting the converter, the load, and the converter’s input circuit from extremely high currents a short to ground causes.

Input voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 and 24VDC convert to single or dual output voltages of 3.3, (±)5, 9, (±)12 and (±)15, (±)24VDC.  Operating within an ambient temperature range of -40?C to +85?C at full load without derating, the AM1DS-NZ series is designed for versatility and can be integrated into a multitude of applications.

Available in a compact SIP7 package (19.50 x 6.00 x 9.35mm), the AM1DS-NZ is offered with I/O isolation of 1000VDC or 3000VDC for easy integration in industrial, telecommunication and computer applications.

Made with high quality, RoHS compliant materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure reliability and performance, the AM1DS-NZ series is competitively priced at $///////1000+ pieces, with samples available from stock and can be ordered through any of Aimtec’s Franchised Distributors.