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AC Adapters series

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Power (W)
Input V.
Output V.
Output Type
Temp (°C)
AMA5-Y Download datasheet5.28W 90~264VAC3.3, 5, 12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA12-Y Download datasheet10W 90~264VAC5, 12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA12X-N Download datasheet12W 90~264VAC5SingleWall Mount30000°C to +40 °C
AMA12-MY Download datasheet12W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA24-Y Download datasheet15W 90~264VAC5, 12, 24SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA18X-Y Download datasheet18W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA24D-Y Download datasheet18W 90~264VAC12, 15SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA36-Y Download datasheet30W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA36D-Y Download datasheet30W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA40-Y Download datasheet40W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA40D-Y Download datasheet40W 90~264VAC12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA65-Y Download datasheet60W 90~264VAC19, 12, 24SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA65D-Y Download datasheet65W 90~264VAC19, 12SingleEnclosed30000°C to 40°C
AMA90D-Y Download datasheet90W 90~264VAC19, 12, 24SingleEnclosed30000°C to 45°C
AMA120D-Y Download datasheet120W 90~264VAC19, 54, 12, 24SingleEnclosed42420°C to 40°C