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New feature-rich 20 watt DC-DC converter with ultra wide (4:1) input ranges

New feature-rich 20 watt DC-DC converter with ultra wide (4:1) input ranges

Aimtec, a global supplier of DC-DC power converters, adds the AM20EW-Z to its DC-DC product offering.

The ultra wide, 4:1 input range of 9~36 VDC and 18~75 VDC makes the AM20EW-Z series of standard 2”x1” converters suitable for an assortment of applications, including data communication equipment, distributed power systems, telecommunication equipment, mixed analog/digital subsystems, process/industrial control equipment, computer peripheral systems and industrial robotic systems. 

Highly regulated (±0.5%) and isolated (1600VDC) single and dual output ranges of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±5V, ±12V and ±15VDC are fully protected against short circuit, over voltage and over current.  Totally isolated outputs eliminate efficiency penalties and output interaction problems, as well as allowing reverse polarity of the output with reference to the input.

Output protections for the AM20EW-Z power supplies include over voltage, over current at 120% of maximum output current and short circuit.  The short circuit protection is accomplished by an automatic recovery "hiccup mode," that will momentarily shut down the output when a short circuit is detected and then will restart the output after a short interval.  If the short is still present, this sequence will repeat until the short is no longer present, therefore protecting the converter from short circuiting the output.

Other useful features of the AM20EW-Z series include output trim function (±10%) and remote ON/OFF control, making these robust converters ideal for applications where conservation of the device’s power consumption is required and / or there is a need for the power supplies to switch ON and OFF in a specific sequence, all within an operating temperature range of -40°C to +66°C and to +85°C with derating.

The AM20EW-Z series complies with the 60950-1 safety standard, as well as EMC standards EN55022 for emissions and EN61000 for immunity.

Each of the 14 models offered in the AM20EW-Z series use high quality, 100% RoHS compliant materials that undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the reliability and performance of each model.   

Samples are available from stock.  Go to the Sale Partner section of our website to find your closest distributor.